«La complejidad de la novela en sus diferentes planos y en su revisión crítica de la historia europea hace de Yo confieso una obra con capacidad para influir en la visión del mundo de sus lectores, lo cual es propio de la mejor literatura» El Cultural

Work » Theatre and Opera » Pluja seca (Dry rain)

Pluja seca (Dry rain)

Pluja seca (Dry rain)

Ed. Proa-TNC. Barcelona, 2001

Pedro de Luna, Benedict XIII, for many the last pontiff of the Avignon cause, is dead. In Peniscola castle, the true Cardinals of Christianity search for his successor. The rain beats down outside...

Jaume Cabré

Jaume Cabré holds a degree in Catalan Philology from the University of Barcelona, is a high school head of department currently on study leave and is a member of the Philology Section of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans.

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In art, truth is not what the artist believes, or their value system, or their opinions, it is something in the work that transforms the reader, even if he or she is not aware of it